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Goblins and Gates

a new musical
by Gonzalo Valencia and Michael Campbell


Saturday, April 30th, 10AM - 12PM

Wednesday, May 4th 7PM - 9PM

The Oskar Schindler Center for the Performing Arts

4 Boland Drive, West Orange, NJ

Performance Date: August 13th

Audition Requirements


Be prepared to sing 32 bars of a pop-rock and a Broadway song One up tempo and one ballad preferable.

Please bring sheet music in the correct key. An accompanist will be provided. 

Be prepared to learn a short dance combination

Please bring all of your potential conflict dates between May and July. 

Masks required while inside the waiting area of the theater



A young game master takes her friends and family on the roleplaying adventure of a lifetime to protect her father’s legacy - his game store.

Character Breakdown



DJ’s older sister; intelligent, creative, and bold; handles the creative direction of the game store, arranges the community events, and runs G&G games for all ages. She and Tabby should have finished college at the same time, but managing the store put Wendy’s academics on hold

Age: Early 20s; super senior in college

Vocal Type: Mezzo; Sutton Foster meets Alanis Morisette

In-game Role: Game Master; In charge of storytelling and playing various NPCs (non-player characters)



Wendy’s younger brother; insecure, dutiful, and somewhat listless; was never into G&G like his sister and regrets not spending more time with dad; looking for direction in his life thinks the armed forces might be it; suffers from an anxiety disorder

Age: Senior in high school

Vocal Type: Tenor; Aaron Tveit meets Chester Bennington

In-game Role: Tybalt; he/him; Half-Elf Bard



Wendy and DJ’s mother; “no-nonsense”, loving, and proud; single mom raising two kids, real-estate agent by day, runs business end of her late husband's hobby game store; very competitive and old school gamer

Age: 40s

Vocal Type: Mezzo/Alto; Carolee Carmelo meets Adele

In-game Role: Roberto; he/him; Gnome Rogue (Pirate)



Wendy and DJ’s dad; older brother to Chet; charismatic, intelligent, silly; he taught Wendy how to play the game before he passed away; founder/original owner of game store; all around great father

Age: 30s

Vocal Type: Baritenor; Norbert Leo Butz meets Arvide Abernathy

In-game Role: Jumps in and out of playing ALL extra characters in and out of game; overall, serves as an extension of Wendy’s imagination


David’s brother and uncle to Wendy and DJ; ultra nerd, serious, and kind; general contractor by trade but also helps manage the store on time off; regulars at the store revere him for his and David’s life-long dedication to their passions

Age: Later 30s - Early 40s

Vocal Type: Baritone; Jefferson Mays meets Patrick Stewart

In-game Role: Calliope; she/her; Elf Wizard



high school senior, friend, and classmate of DJ; head-strong, outgoing, and committed; ROTC member, combat junkie, and (unbeknownst to her) a tactical game enthusiast. Excited to enter the armed forces after graduation, encouraging DJ to do the same

Age: Senior in high school

Vocal Type: Alto; Ally Beardsly meets P!nk

In-game Role: Balzak; he/him; Half-Orc Barbarian



Wendy’s best friend, anime, and comic book dork; shy, reserved, awkward; finishing college with an arts degree; works at the store as an art teacher while putting together displays

Age: Early 20’s; recent college graduate

Vocal Type: Mezzo-Sop;

In-game Role: Obsidia; they/them, Shalean (Rock person) Priestess

CAST AND CREW COVID POLICY: To continue to keep everyone safe, PVP@OSPAC requires all cast and crew to provide proof of vaccination and appropriate boosters, or proof of recent illness and a post-illness negative test.