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Protégé Program

For anyone interested in Theater Production and Management


The Protégé Program of Pleasant Valley Productions strives to mentor and instruct anyone between the ages of 13 and 103 who is interested in the fields of theatrical lighting, sound tech, stage management, theater management, and producing. 


As a Protégé you will attend workshops, be guided by a mentor and gain hands-on experience working on productions. By participating in the program, you will gain the knowledge needed for community theater and beyond.


There is no financial cost for the Protégé Program, but commitment and dedication are essential.


There are two programs, depending on what you are looking to achieve: The Certificate Protégé Program and the Non-Certificate Protégé Program.

Certificate Program

Certificate Protégés attend workshops offered by staff and guest professionals on a range of technical and theater management topics. Protégés can decide to specialize in a specific area of theater production or participate as a generalist. Depending on which specialty the Protégé elects, they are assigned a Mentor who is an expert in that area, and who will provide additional education and guidance. 


Certificate Protégés also work on Pleasant Valley Productions and OSPAC events where they get hands-on experience in many aspects of technical theater and arts management.


If you dedicate yourself to this learning, you will be as prepared as a student who graduates from a community college in theatre tech or theater management. 


Certificate Protégés

  • Attend a minimum of four workshops

  • Work on at least three events 

  • Work on at least one mainstage production or other approved event (e.g. concert, variety show, etc.) 

  • Mentor hours (determined based on specialty) 

  • Receive a certificate and letter of program completion

  • Receive community volunteer hours for all work hours (this does not include educational hours, e.g. workshops)

Non-certificate Program

For those who are interested in learning technical theater or theater management but are not able to commit to the certificate program, we offer a shorter program. While there is no financial cost, participants will be expected to volunteer hours in exchange for learning opportunities.

Getting Started

The program works on a rolling schedule, allowing Protégés to begin at various times throughout the year.  Click here to complete the application form.

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