Written by Barry Keating and Stuart Ross (Forever Plaid)

“...an unassuming futuristic rock musical, with sweet lessons about the awkwardness of growing up...It contains enough spoofs of the sci-fi genre to keep adults amused, and enough high-spirited music and action for all...The production...brims with charm and wit..." - New York Newsday

Shy young Eleanor (will cast age 18+) has built a fantasy world around the sci-fi comic books she collects. To the distress of her mother, she has learned to avoid the pains of growing up by escaping into fantasy, imagining herself to be an unrecognized superhero. When she is mysteriously thrust into the World of her favorite comic book, Eleanor is drawn into the conflict between good guys, Starmites, guardian angels of Innerspace and the not so good people. She turns out to be the legendary Milady, teen superhero who must lead the Mites on their Quest to save the Galaxy. Standing in her way are a colorful assortment of feme villains including the delightfully flamboyant Diva, Queen of Innerspace and her Banshee warriors - Destiny's Childish sirens with a ravenous hunger for Boy Bands. With the help of hip-hop heartthrob Space Punk, Eleanor learns to own up to the inner power she has always denied, defeating her foes and conquering the evil force of the "Cruelty."

Seeking 6 women/ 5 men - strong singers who can move well


Audition Dates

Monday, February 4th (7PM - 9PM)

Tuesday, February 5th (7PM - 9PM)

Click here to schedule an audition. Walk-ins are welcome and will be seen around those with scheduled times.


Unitarian Universalist Church at Montclair

67 Church Street, Montclair, NJ

Click here to download an audition form to complete and bring with you to the auditions

Also, please be prepared to provide all potential scheduling conflicts the day of your audition.

Rehearsals will begin in February. 2-3 rehearsals per week in Montclair, NJ 

Performance Dates April 5-6 and April 12-13

Character Breakdown/Sides and Music

Eleanor Fairchild (18+) An earthling girl who is infatuated with comic book superheroines and eventually becomes Milady, the superhero of Innerspace. Click for sides  Click for music.

Bizarbara (18+) Awkward and shy daughter of Diva, possessed with a heart of gold and a yearning to be "normal and average." (Doubles as Eleanor Fairchild.) Click for sides. Click for music.

Eleanor's Mother (30+) An unassuming woman who loves her daughter and anxiously awaits the day when she will grow out of her comic book craze. (Doubles as Diva) Click for sides.

Diva (30+) Imposing and powerful Queen of Innerspace. (Doubles as Eleanor's Mother) Click for sides. Click for music.

Spacepunk (Age flexible) The hero, captain of the Starmites, and heart throb of the Universe. Click for sides. Click for music.

THE STARMITES (A band of Space youths dedicated to fighting the deadly forces of the Universe.) Click for sides. Click for music.

S'up S'up Sensaboi (18+) The organized and methodical member of the group - he plays by the rules. 

Diggety Razzledazzle (18+) The bumbling show-off of the group. Openly expresses his feelings. 

Ack Ack Ackerman (18+) The group's tough guy. He is second in command.


Shak Graa (30+) High Priest of Chaos, determined to destroy both Earth and Innerspace. Click here for sides. Click here for music.


Trinkulus (30+) A reptilian minstrel, once slave to Shak Graa now serving as a guide to the Starmites. (Doubles as SHAK GRAA.)

THE BANSHEES (Amazonian bombshells, and henchwomen to Diva.) Click here for sides. Click here for music.

Shotzi (18+) Diva's airhead sergeant at arms.

Balbraka (18+) who delights in dominating the Starmites.

Canibelle (18+) who delights in devouring the Starmites.

Hollaback (18+) who delights in teasing the Starmites.

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