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Our Mission - Giving   Engaging  Inspiring  Inviting

Pleasant Valley Productions is a community theatre presenting an eclectic array of works with a multi-layered mission.

We give our audiences ambitious and compelling arts experiences.

We engage by fostering interest in young people in the technical, administrative, and performing disciplines of theatre.

We inspire by nurturing the artistic process through collaboration, developing new works, reimagining and exploring music, theater, and dance.

We invite and encourage a diverse community to contribute to the production of artistic programming as we uphold fairness and equity in all that we do.

Our History

Pleasant Valley Productions (“PVP”) was formed in 2012 as an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) community theatre company. Based in West Essex County, we observed that our area of New Jersey had no theatre companies that focused on mentoring local youth in the technical and administrative, as well as the artistic aspects, of theatrical production. Keeping that in mind, our goals are to produce quality productions, mentor the development of young people in the technical, administrative, and artistic roles of a theatre and to develop new works and provide a platform for their expression.

A production succeeds best when anchored by skilled, dedicated technical crew and production staff. When someone shows interest and the enthusiasm to learn new skills, we make it our business to teach. This attitude has coalesced into our Protégé Program: We coach candidates to help them comprehend all aspects of the job at hand. Working on PVP productions hones their stagecraft skills. Our projects benefit and our mentees move on to projects of their own. It is immensely satisfying to see a student succeed and we are especially proud of this contribution to the theatre community.

Polished performances and stellar production values are the hallmarks of a PVP show. Our past productions have been happily well-received. As PVP grows we will be sourcing and developing new works, in addition to producing top-flight musicals and plays. We will continue to tap the well of local talent to produce superb theatre, develop first-rate theatre crew, discover new plays, and contribute to the New Jersey community theatre alliance.

Our Team

Executive Board

Camille DiLorenzo, President

Scott Baird, Artistic Director and Vice President

Liz McNutt, Executive Director

Elizabeth Vecchio, Director of Arts Education and Secretary

Carr Fitzpatrick, Treasurer

Founding Board

Camille DiLorenzo

Ilene Greenbaum

Howie Tilkin

Board Members

Megan Brill

Elizabeth Rogers

Lynette Sheard

Elliot Sussman

Honorary Board

Mayor Susan McCartney

Jelani Remy

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