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General Information/Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I park? Free parking is available in the lot located just across the street from OSPAC. 


Is there seating available? That depends on the event. Some shows and concerts offer Premium Tickets that include a seat at the front of the field. For other events, make sure to bring your chairs and blankets and set them up on the beautifully sloped lawn at OSPAC!


Are there restrooms at OSPAC? Yes! We have indoor public restrooms located on either side of the stage. 


Is there a ticket charge for events at OSPAC? Pleasant Valley Productions strives to bring low/no cost events to the community. Some events will be free to the public while others may require a low cost ticket price. 


Can I bring my own food? Sure! Feel free to pack a picnic basket and enjoy your favorite food during our events! Most events also offer food for sale by local food vendors and food trucks. 


Can I bring alcohol with me? Unfortunately we cannot allow patrons to BYOB. Certain events will have Beer and Wine available for sale. Beer and Wine will have to be consumed within the designated area. 


Can I bring my dog? We love animals! For ticketed events we ask that you leave your dog at home (service animals are always welcome). For festivals and free events, please use best judgement on whether or not your pet would feel safe and comfortable in that environment. If your dog gets anxious in crowds, is not good with other animals, children, or loud noises, please leave your dog at home. Pleasant Valley Productions reserves the right to change this policy if we feel the safety and comfort of our patrons is compromised. 


Who can I contact with questions? 

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