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Music and Lyrics by

Jason Robert Brown

Originally Produced by the WPA Theatre  
NYC 1995

(Kyle Renick, Artistic Director) 
Original Orchestration by

Brian Besterman and Jason Robert Brown


Lyle Dungee

Michal Efron

Cindy McArthur

Melissa Loderstedt-Timpson

Danielle Meola Valencia

Mitchell Olson 

Uton Onyejekwe 

Christina Ryan

Todd Shumpert

Jonathan Wentz


Conductor: Ilene Greenbaum

Keyboards: Gonzalo Valencia and Ryan Bridge???

Bass: Robert Tarantino

Drums: Jonathan Ward 

Production Staff

Director: Camille VecchioDiLorenzo

Musical Director: Ilene Greenbaum

Producer: Howie Tilkin 

Associate Musical Director: Gonzalo Valencia 

Set Designer: Evan Lewis 

Lighting Designer: Mike Omelio 

Technical Director: Evan Lewis

Spotlight Operators: Jared Lee and Stuart Nachbar

Sound Engineer: Josh Samuels

Sound Equipment Provided by: CMT Sound 

Load In Crew: Dan Salvatore and Steven Sandler

Poster and Web Designer: Todd Shumpert 

Photographer and Web Master: David Dantowitz

Brochure Designer: Suzy Schenker 

Public Relations: Laynie Gershwin 

Front of House Staff

Lauri Brown 
Anne Cohen 
Sandra Cummins 
Laynie Gershwin Christina McCafferty Taylor McCafferty 
Nicole Shumpert 

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